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Lots and Lots of Spas

One of the things that makes SwissJust so much fun is all the different types of spas (demonstrations)  you can enjoy.  Not every Consultant offers every spa, but there are so many great options that everyone could find one that their friends would love to participate in!  Let’s review our most popular spas!Party Image 4

  • Herbal Discovery-  This is our most popular spa.  At this spa, you’ll get an overview of aromatherapy and you will get to sample all of Just’s most popular products.
  • Introduction to Aromatherapy – Learn about the most popular essential oils, what they do and how to use them.  You’ll come away relaxed and refreshed.
  • Foot and Leg Care- Take some time to soak your feet and learn how the fabulous Just products can help your feet and legs feel better.
  • Facial Skin Care-  Just’s face care line, Vital Just,  uses natural essential oils to reduce fine lines and wrinkles by a clinically proven 29%!  Our Edelweiss essential oil give our skin care line a clean natural fragrance.
  • Nature’s First Aid – Learn which Just products you can use to treat bumps, bruises and all sorts of other emergencies.
  • Free Breathing- Essential oil based products are wonderful for naturally helping you breath more freely.  You’ll feel better as soon as you try these products!
  • Muscle and Joint Care – Experience how you can use Just’s  essential oil infused products to make your sore muscles and joints feel better.

Wouldn’t you like to learn a little more about the natural approach to wellness?  Wouldn’t you like to experience our amazing Just products in your home with your friends?  Give your Consultant a call today or get in touch with SwissJust directly to start feeling better today!

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Let’s Party!

Let’s Party!

SwissJust sells our products through in-home demonstrations called Swiss Herbal Spas or parties.  Why do we focus so much on spas/parties to introduce people to our product?

party image 2

Although aromatherapy is an ancient wellness practice, it is not well understood in the US.  In America, people are much more used to going to the local pharmacy and buying some synthetic preparation to manage their health, than they are to try more natural products.  Many people in the US have no idea what an essential oil is and how you would use one.  Consequently, we need a way to introduce people to our natural products, educate them on the benefits and allow them to sample the products.

Having an in-home demonstration, or spa, is a perfect way to introduce people to  Just products.  Usually, the host of our spa is a fan of our products who has frequently tried a few products and has found them to be effective in helping her family feel better.  By opening up her home and inviting a few guests to the spa, she can introduce her friends to the wonderful Just products that she has found.

The guests that she invites to her home can experience a relaxing, fun time to socialize with their friends and learn about products that will help manage their family’s health.  They can try the products and feel the impact immediately.  SwissJust has many types of demonstrations where women can learn about all sorts of essential oil uses.  Guests can also hear from their friends about ways that Just products have helped them feel better.  It is always comforting to buy a product that has a personal recommendation from a friend.

As a bonus, our hosts qualify for all sorts of free products and special offers just for opening up their homes.  They get the satisfaction of introducing their friends to products at the same time that they  e earn lots of “goodies”.

What a great system!  I wonder why more people don’t use it?

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So What Makes SwissJust Unique?

So what makes SwissJust different from other essential oil companies?  Great question and one we love to answer.  There are really three big things that set SwissJust apart from other companies:

describe the image

  1. Quality–  Just produces the highest quality essential oils and essential oil based products available.  We have been producing our products with Swiss quality for over 80 years.   Where your wellness is concerned, you should not take chances with quality and you can trust Just to produce only the best.  Just backs up the quality of our products with a full “money back” guarantee.
  2. Convenience-MostJust products are produced in a “ready-to-use” format.  With most essential oils, you need to mix an oil with a carrier (cream, oil, etc) to make the product that you actually use.  Just makes it easy for you by producing the cream, lotion, bath or spray in a form that you can use right out of the package.  We’ve blended our oils into precisely the right mixture to give you the results that you want.
  3. Service- SwissJust sells our products exclusively through our family of trained Consultants, via in home parties that we call “spas”.  This ensures that you can try our products before you buy them.   It also ensures that if you need any advice on what products to buy and how to use them, you will always have someone to talk with.  In our increasingly low service retail world, it is reassuring to know that you will always get personal service through SwissJust.

On top of all the great things that set our products apart from other companies, we have the advantages of our direct selling system.  If you love our products, you can:

  • Get them free by hosting a Swiss Herbal Spa in your home.
  • Earn money by becoming a SwissJust Consultant and sharing these great products with your friends.

If you want to know more about SwissJust, fill out our lead form and we’ll have a Consultant get in touch with you!

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Aromatherapy Works

Aromatherapy Works!

Welcome to the first edition of Aromatherapy Works!, the official SwissJust blog. In our blog, we will be posting about topics related to SwissJust and to aromatherapy. We hope you enjoy our blog!
SwissJust is the distributor of Just brand products in the Americas. In our first blog, we thought we’d give you some information about the Just company.

The Just Story
It all began, as many success stories do, with one man’s burning desire to create a better life for his family and friends in his small hometown of Walzenhausen, Switzerland. The year was 1930 and jobs were scarce when Ulrich Jüstrich returned home from Argentina, determined to make a difference.

Inspired by nature’s bounty offered by the Swiss Alps that surround the town, Ulrich envisioned using the power of natural essential oils and botanicals as the foundation for naturally based wellness. It was a pioneering idea far ahead of its time and was initially met with some disbelief.

Ulrich knew that when people actually tried his botanically based healthcare products, they loved them. The products worked exactly as advertised. So calling upon his past experience as a salesman, he chose person-to-person selling, also known as direct selling, to spread the word.

More than 80 years later, Just is still a family owned and operated company that cares about families. From our global headquarters, which remains in Walzenhausen, the third generation prides itself on providing innovative and effective naturally based products that contribute to the health and wellbeing of every family member.

True to Ulrich Jüstrich’s original vision of helping family and friends, we also provide a profitable business opportunity through SwissJust to more than 50,000 independent Consultants in 35 countries, making us one of the oldest and most respected direct selling companies in the world.


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