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Pharmaceutical Grade Essential Oils!


We’re extremely excited that SwissJust has just re-launched our essential oils!  We have added three new essential oils (Rosemary, Palmarosa, Neroli) and migrated all of our oils to pharmaceutical grade.   Pharmaceutical grade oil is the highest grade of oil available to you.  It is also the only standard that is recognized around the world.  We think you will be very happy with the improvement, but we thought you might like to know a little more about the change.

Mono-Oils:  Historically, a few of our essential oils had been blends of a few different types of oil.  We did this in order to provide benefits from multiple oils or add a little “twist” to the oil’s aroma.  So for example, our Lavender oil was a blend of a number of different of Lavender oils.  In order to make the transition over to pure pharmaceutical grade oils, our products now contain only the oil of one plant species.  So when you buy our oil you can know exactly what you are purchasing.

Pharmacopeia Grade:  Making our essential oils pharmaceutical grade means that they adhere to the essential oil standards published in the pharmacopeias.  Essential oil standards for the pharmaceutical trade are drawn up, maintained and published in the form of National Pharmacopoeias. The only place where you may find the characteristics that define a pure essential oil is in these pharmacopeias.  So for an essential oil, the pharmacopeia will define the oil’s density, its refractive index and its chromatographic signature.   By making all of our oils pharmaceutical grade, we certify to you that the oils meet all the parameters listed in the pharmacopeia.  Additionally, since our oils are produced under the same Swiss quality standards that we have always provided, you can rest assured that our essential oils are the best that you can buy.

We feel that SwissJust essential oils are the highest quality oils available on the market today.  We know that when you try them you will be 100% satisfied.  We are so sure you’ll be satisfied that we provide our 100% money back guarantee.  Additionally, you get your essential oils exclusively through your SwissJust Consultant, who can recommend the product that is exactly right for you.

We know you’ll love all of our essential oils and they will help you keep your family healthy.  We have an essential oil for every moment.

5 thoughts on “Pharmaceutical Grade Essential Oils!

  1. Where would I find the pharmacopeia descriptions that will define the oil’s density, its refractive index and its chromatographic signature for each of the pharmaceutical grade essential oils you have reintroduced? Thanks. MP

  2. Can you give me a referecne – site on the pharmacopiea where I would find the essentials oils mentioned specifically – giving each refractive index, oil density and chromatographic signature? Thx. Max Sant

  3. Hi Giselle,

    We can’t really comment on why the USP does not include essential oils on their web page. However, in the printed versions a few examples of essential oils citations include:
    Lemon Essential Oil on page 1270
    Peppermint Essential Oil on page 1284
    Almond Oil on page 1159
    Orange Essential Oil on page 1293
    These pages give the specifications for pharmaceutical grade oils, which Just oils meet.

    Hope this helps!

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